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Epochtal Tournament System

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Welcome to the weekly tournament!

This is an open Portal 2 speedrunning competition where players of any skill level can compete on workshop maps curated weekly. If you're new here, check this guide to learn how to participate.

This Week's Map

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Submit Speedrun

This is where you can submit your speedrun. Depending on the category, you can provide either a demo file or a YouTube link. For demo files, the system will fill in the time and portal count for you.


Vote for Future Maps

One of the maps seen here will be selected for next week's tournament. You have the opportunity to evaluate the options ahead of time. Cast votes for your favorites, and downvote those you wouldn't want to play.

Player Profiles

View the scores and user profiles of other Epochtal players. Scroll through the list of all registered users, or search for a specific player. Clicking on someone's name will open their profile page.

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